How It Works

By using gravity to your advantage, LevangoShop® provides natural cervical traction, gently stretching and relaxing your neck muscles, while also expanding the intervertebral space of your upper spine, helping to relieve pain caused by pressed nerve, releasing tension and preventing humpback. It helps achieve optimal cervical spine structure to prevent and treat cervical spondylosis

In the process, it also helps to oxygenate your neck and upper back muscles, ligaments, and tendons, relieving ligament calcification that occurs in discs between cervical vertebrae, and providing pain relief and mobility to your shoulder blades, neck and spinal cord, and easing your hunched spine into re-aligning itself into its natural shape, correcting your posture.

So, Levangoshop also helps counter that ever-bulging tech-neck without any intrusive treatment. That's correct- just using basic physics to reverse the damage!


Through this process, problem areas in the upper spine will gain increased mobility and pain relief. Best of all, you can use our cervical traction device along with your current physical therapy regimen for the greatest relief possible.
When you lay your neck on the LevangoShop®, the upper as well as the lower cervical spine will be stretched, causing the vertebrae to decompress and release the compressed nerves. The decompression will allow more essential fluids and oxygen to get absorbed. This will relieve your neck and upper from pain and stimulate their normal functioning.



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